Isma Meer Khalpey's designs are aesthetically evocative of her exposure to both western and eastern influences. Her shoe collection comprises of rich, vibrant colours and textures, some of which are decorated with jeweled rhinestones to create "the dream shoe". “It was imperative to pick the right accessory that would most effectively showcase the texture of the leather/material used".

Raised by her mother and grandmother, Isma was instilled with a love for ancestral Indian Jewellery and it was this passion that lead her to abandon her banking career to enroll with the London College of Fashion for both Jewellery design and shoe design.

"The inspiration for my work came from jewellery and artifacts created during the Indian Mughal era as well as from the Russian Renaissance with the exquisite, delicate and colourful Faberge craftsmanship".

Whether for work, travel, wedding or just for a night out, Isma's collection ticks all the boxes.” My shoe collection is an insight into my style and my love of shoes. I only hope that you share the same!"